A chronic sufferer of heart troubles and fertility issues overcomes her maladies with the help of Homeopathy.
A lady with a known case of Rheumatic heart disease presented with complaints of primary infertility. With the help of Homeopathy, she conceived a healthy baby with no complaints thereafter.
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Mrs. JAB, a known case of Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) and primary infertility came in December 2002 with the following complaints:

  • Delayed menses since 2 years. Menstrual cycles were every 40-45 days, lasting for 3-4 days;
  • Menstrual cycles were always associated with dysmenorrhoea.
  • Distension of abdomen for almost 15 years. This was aggravated in general after eating, from rice and potatoes while got better by lemon juice.

She desired rice, potatoes, tea and sweets; and had a great thirst for lemon juices. She disliked meat and fish. She was intolerant of hot weather. She dreamt of making a lot of money.

Her cardiac problems affected her studies and 4 years back her boyfriend abandoned her for the same reason leaving her feeling deserted. She later married a boy selected by her parents, a sweeper by profession.

As a person she seemed to be quiet and asocial, but she liked to talk and make fun; She always kept herself busy to avoid unnecessary thoughts.

She also had a feeling that her wrong doings might affect her future, so she wouldn't hide anything from others. She would get stressed easily and kept on lamenting about her heart ailments.

Her mother had a history of uterine prolapse.

Echocardiography in August 200 showed mild to moderate mitral valve regurgitation.

Her physical examination had no positive findings and her husband's investigations were also normal.

After careful analysis of case, she was prescribed Natrum mur, as her remedy.

Within a span of 1 month she showed positive responses.

She got her menses in January 2003 and to her delight she conceived in March 2003.

She was also treated with Homeopathic medicines for minor discomforts during pregnancy, including morning sickness which helped her a lot.

Efficacy of Homoeopathic medicines in cardiac illnesses and infertility can be well understood through this case.

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