Chemistry experiment turned into an ugly Keloid - solved with homoeopathy
This is an interesting case of a science graduate who was performing an experiment in chemistry lab which ended up with a disastrous looking keloid. With continuous homoeopathic treatment her keloid was completely healed which was not possible with allopathic medicines.
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23 year old Ms. S., a science graduate had come with a chief complaint of Keloid on her forearm. While doing a chemistry experiment, the acid accidentally fell on her forearm causing a wound. This wound eventually became a big ulcer, which healed gradually but with scarring. This scar turned into a keloid which grew bigger and could not be treated by any medication.

Since, she was of a marriageable age; she wanted to get rid of that keloid which made her very uncomfortable.

Her few mental symptoms were considered for selecting the remedy. It was found that she was temperamental, very irritable and would get sensitive about trifling matters. She would get hurt easily and this hurt remained for a very long time. As a child, she would fight with her sister, bite and scratch her.

Based on this history, she was given Natrum Mur 200. She gave us a regular follow-up as told by us, and the miraculous results could be seen gradually on every follow-up. Her treatment lasted for 6 months, and the keloid disappeared completely and the skin became flawless and perfectly normal.

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