Homeopathy Treatment Manages Case of Huge Keloid
Careful analysis and correct homeopathic treatment put a permanent stop and diminished the size of a huge keloid on the chest of a middle-aged man.
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Mr. Naresh had come with a chief complaint of a huge keloid on his chest.

This patient as a person was very aggressive. He constantly had baseless fears that he would lose all his money and there will be a major financial crisis if he did not do anything about it. For the same reason, he resorted to gambling assuming he would accumulate large sums of money.

He was a chronic alcoholic and had all the other vices.

The patient had intense craving for alcohol, spicy and sour things.

Based on these striking mental and physical symptoms, patient was given Calcarea Flour 200. He was told to follow up regularly so that we could closely monitor the keloid. It was seen that the size of the keloid was decreasing astonishingly and at the end of 6 months, almost 75% of the keloid had been reduced. However, later he had to be shifted to other physician as he had to move out the country.

This case is a classic example which shows that Homoeopathy is not based only on the physical manifestation of the disease, but its medicines are chosen on the overall physical, mental and general aspects of an individual.

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