Ringing sounds in a ears stopped completely with homoeopathy!
An excellent case of a patient with Meniere's Disease whose ringing in the ears troubled him so much to the extent that his daily work and routine were affected. Homoeopathy worked marvellously in this case and he was completely free from Meniere's Disease.
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A patient from US reported with persistent sounds that he could hear in both the ears. Patient experienced sudden pressure with violent pain behind the right ear, which disappeared very gradually. He had a sensation as if something has blocked his ears.

Patient also suffered vertigo that would come suddenly as from a pressure from the middle of the head. He even lost his balance sometimes.

This became a major problem for him as he could not attend the meetings, could not listen to people on phone and couldn't conduct his routine activities normally.

He tried all types of medicines but nothing helped him. Nothing could relieve his ringing in the ears and dizziness.

Patient was given Verbescum 6 potency. Gradually the unnecessary sound was cut off and patient recovered completely.