30 year-old Woman Get Freedom From Recurrent Mollusca With Homeopathy
Molluscum on her face was becoming an acute embarrassment for this 30-yearold career woman. Distraught, she consulted us and was delighted to experience complete relief within 6 weeks!
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30 year old female, Mrs. N. S., came with complaints of eruptions on the face that had been diagnosed as Molluscum Contagiosum.

Previously, she had got them burnt / cauterized, but they recurred after some time. She had a lot of itching, mostly on the jaw line.

She also had complaints of recurrent colds since 3-4 months. Along with the cold, she would develop ear blockage and get the echo of her own voice. She would get cold every month before her menses.

She had developed severe knee pain since one month and she used to get the pain whenever she would exert.

As a person she was extrovert, fun loving and talkative by nature. She would mix easily with people and had many friends.

She was impulsive and would get irritated very easily on trivial things and would snap and frown.

Mrs. NS was good at managerial skills and loved to allot work to others. She was very good in studies. She was a Commerce graduate and also had a degree in IATA (Travel and Tourism).

The patient said she had major differences of opinion with her husband and had a love and hate relationship with him. She did not get along well with her mother-in-law and would get very agitated in her presence. All this made her feel very frustrated and angry.

Medorrhinum 30, 3 doses, one dose every night, was prescribed to her by us.

She reported a week later feeling more relaxed and less irritable than before although the lesions of Molluscum were the same as before.

Some weeks later, she reported that the older lesions of Molluscum had started breaking up. She started feeling more confident about the treatment now.

Her treatment was continued on similar lines and about 6 weeks later, she was completely free of the lesions. Her treatment was discontinued thereafter.