Recurrent Stomatitis (Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth) got wonderful recovery with homeopathy.
A case of lady suffering from recurrent mouth ulcers got relieved with homeopathic treatment.
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A lady aged 35 years came with history of recurrent mouth ulcers since 1 year.

Apthae was located on inner side of cheek and beneath tongue. There was severe burning pain, itching, and stinging.

Pain was more before appearance of ulcer. She could not eat, specially hot and spicy. Acidic drinks caused her pain. Speaking and chewing was uncomfortable.

She was married with 2 kids.

She liked salty things. She used to drink 11 to 12 glasses of water daily, yet felt thirsty. Her skin was greasy and shiny.

She was extremely emotional. She liked open air. She had tendency to take cold easily. She was feeling weakness since last year. She lost her father 2 years back; thereafter she became extra emotional. She cried easily. She frequently dreamt of her father. She suffered headache, when she got up in morning.

Based on her symptoms, she was prescribed Natrum Muriaticum . After 7 days, she was feeling better. Her apthae healed. She could now eat everything. After 3 months, there was no recurrence of ulcer.

Thus, homeopathy achieved tremendous success in case of apthae.

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