• Mouth Ulcers


What is Mouth Ulcer?

Our mouth is lined by delicate mucous membrane internally. Loss or erosion of this delicate tissue is called Oral or mouth Ulcer . They are painful sores. They appear inside the mouth. Most of them are harmless and resolve within 2-3 weeks. But they may cause pain and irritation. If pain is severe, it may interfere with daily routine. Recurrent, big and multiple ulcers can significantly trouble you.

They are non contagious and does not spread by sharing foods, drinks, utensils, or by kissing. They may appear in cluster or may be single. Though exact causes are unknown, most common cause is trauma. Trauma can be received by biting the inner surface of mouth while chewing, talking; hot food or liquids; medications. Many systemic diseases are associated with it. To know more about what causes mouth ulcer read the causes



  • Shallow sores inside the mouth
  • Painful
  • Usually round or oval
  • Burning sensation
  • Red, white, yellow, or grayish in colour
  • Location: Inside cheeks or lips


Mouth Ulcers can lead to –

  • Most of the mouth ulcers are harmless, but some may be very painful and may cause significant discomfort in eating, brushing, smiling, laughing, speaking.
  • In some individuals they may be significantly painful and irritating to disrupt the routine life. Speaking can be affected too, resulting in disturbance in job and personal life.
  • Ulcer, if not healed for more than three weeks may indicate towards Mouth Cancer which can initiate further series of investigation and financial burden.
  • Ulcers may get secondarily infected, and may cause inflammation of entire face (cellulitis) or tooth abscess.
  • They may be very troublesome for people who are prone to get recurrent ulcers.

Homeopathy is very renowned and popular for treatment of Mouth Ulcers. It is also well known for its superb and incredible approach in successful treatment of Recurrent Mouth Ulcers. And all this without suppression!!

Treatment of Mouth Ulcers is better if sought earlier because Homeopathy may shorten its course and may relieve pain. Hence know more about the condition.


  • MOUTH ULCERS are severely irritating and frustrating. If left unchecked and untreated, will deteriorate your life quality and may also affect your choice of food..
  • Since Mouth Ulcers are due to numerous causes and varies from individual to individual, a constitutional and holistic approach is must.. Homeopathy holds answer to your troubles.
  • Homeopathy provides you complete resolution by-
    • It reduces the pain in acute ulcers.
    • It helps the ulcer to heal faster
    • It reduces their recurrence tendency
    • There is no suppression
  • Homeopathic medicines are non habit forming.
  • Homeopathy is natural, safe and without any side-effects. Hence it is very suitable for pregnant ladies and children.
  • Soon after starting treatment and lifestyle modification you will notice positive changes. Moreover, it also helps in preventing relapse of the condition.
  • Homeopathic treatment for MOUTH ULCERS has more than 80+ natural, side-effect free remedies in its treasury for the treatment of this condition.

Few of our amazing homoeopathic remedies include:

  • BORAX: Excellent for aphthous mouth ulcers which are hot, dry & easily bleeds. Also for mouth ulcers in children, who start up easily, throws tantrums, and are pale. Ulcers on inner surface of cheeks and on tongue.
  • Kali cholricum: Tongue white; in middle.Tongue coated; at back with diarrhœa.Two symmetrical ulcers on sides of tongue..
  • Nux vomica: A person who needs this remedy may break out in mouth ulcers after overindulging in sweets, strong spicy foods, stimulants, or alcoholic beverages. The sores are often small, and the person may have swollen gums, a coated tongue, and bloody salivation..
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