Obesity - Homeopathy has a solution!
Here is a case of an obese girl who had tried various treatments to lose weight in vain. After homeopathic treatment, she lost 10 kg. and gained back her confidence.
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This is a wonderful case of a 26 years old girl with obesity since her 12 years.

She started to put on weight gradually after her first menstrual cycle. Her height was 5 feet 2 inches and her weight was 75 kgs.

She had gone to gym, jogging, walking, dieting but could help only 1-2 kgs in a year, so she came in shelter of homeopathy for a hope to get better.

She was a silent, timid and an introvert girl which was not so before the start of menses. Thermally she was chilly and a very sluggish personality, aversion to any kind work.

Along with this she was gradually getting away from her friends and becoming a loner as she was not able to reduce the weight in spite of all the efforts she attempted.

On the basis of totality and analyzing the whole case she was given Calcarea carb 30 C.

She started losing 1/2 kilo every week. In 6 months time, she lost 10 kilos.

She felt better mentally and gained back the confidence of living.

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