Cases of Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) Cured with Homeopathy
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In the words of the patient's mother:

I was getting extremely worried about my daughter's behavior and was thinking of taking her to a Child Psychologist to evaluate and treat her for ODD treatment. However, this was not required at all since she responded very well to Homeopathy and is a very different child today.

Female/ 5 yrs
Diagnosis: Attention Deficit and Disruptive Manipulative Behavioral Disorder with Oppositional Defiant Disorder

The child was bought to the clinic with an unusual symptom that she would pass urine and stool daily as soon as she would reach the staircase of her house. To avoid this, the mother would daily pick up the child from the school, would make her pass urine and /or stool in school; but still, this did not solve the problems. In spite of this, the child would still pass stool and urine on the staircase, even when there were no apparent reasons in doing so.

On detailed interview of the child separately, some interesting facts came forth.

The child was extraordinarily intelligent, smart, witty and had a lot of presence of mind. When I slowly probed into the depth of the case, the child revealed that the mother gave more attention to her brother who was 3 years younger to her. Secondly, their mother would lock them and leave them all alone in the house. Thirdly, the child always felt that her mother did not give her things which she desired, and would often hit or punish her. The child said she acted in this manner on purpose. She would do this act of passing stool and urine to take revenge.

The child said, "It was my way of taking revenge on my mother, who is not treating me in the right way".

Basically, the child was very mischievous and disobedient. She would never obey any instructions given by the teacher or any elder. She was very destructive by nature and would tear off books or break toys. Her attitude was very revengeful; she would often hit other children.

The child often blames her mother for her misbehavior. The child would be angry, resentful and often spiteful or vindictive towards her. Because of the child's such behavior it had caused a significant impairment in her social and academic functioning.

She would often lose her temper.

She would argue with adults.

She would actively defy and refuse to comply with adults' requests or instructions and often deliberately annoy people.

The case satisfies the diagnostic criteria 313.81 of the Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

A pattern of -
Hostile and
Defiant Behaviour
lasting for 6 months or more

The case was clear and after evaluation, she was prescribed Tarentula Hispanica 200. The child was again seen after 4 weeks the child was less aggressive and had stopped passing stool/urine in the staircase. She showed signs of resentment and jealousy against her brother. The remedy was repeated. Over a period of few months the child kept on improving; she was much calmer and her interaction with people improved she was more obedient. The remedy helped in channelizing the child's intelligence into doing good things and becoming less destructive. The child improved remarkably in her scholastic performance and received the best student award during the later years.

Note: It is advisable that the patient does not indulge in any kind of self-medication in oppositional defiant disorder cases.

Conclusion: A 5 year old patient with oppositional defiant disorder was prescribed Tarentula and the remedy helped in channelising the child's intelligence into good use and The child improved remarkably in her scholastic performance.

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