A housewife gains from Homeopathy, as not only her pains of sciatica but her menace of mania too get treated with Homeopathy.
A housewife with complains of sciatica and mania, gains from Homeopathic treatment, as not only her pains of sciatica, but also her mania had been treated successfully.
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Mrs. N., 35 years old house wife was brought in for consultation in July 2013 for pain in the right lower limb, starting from right hip and extending up to right foot. It began 11 months back as she strained her back while hanging up the clothes on a wire at a height. This pain of sciatica increased with every jar and when walking. With this pain she got restless, avoided talking and stayed alone. She was unable to sleep with the pains and cried with it.

In this instance she responded well to indicated remedy of Colocynth followed by 0/2; and her pains were completely better in about 12 days.

In October 2013 she reported in a state of anguish along with her previous sciatica pains, wherein her husband said she gets offended very easily and gets violent fits of anger with destructive behavior on been contradicted. She mentions of being overpowered by some ghosts and of foretelling events. She dreams of ghosts, of her own death, dead people etc. she has fears of strangers. She was stressed out since few days, as her maternal uncle, owing to a dispute had stopped supporting her parents.

This time her elaborative case details were studied and she was prescribed Lachesis. Remarkable change in her behavior was observed on 3rd day of treatment and within a month on follow up, she was a changed person all together, with her derailed mental state well under control with no destructiveness or fits of violent anger.

Thus, this housewife was quite happy and so was her family from the gain incurred with Homeopathy, as not only her sciatica pains but also her menace of mania was successfully treated with the Homeopathic medicines.

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