A CEO of MNC gets treated with Homeopathy at Welcome Cure for tinnitus!
Buzzing, ringing, and roaring in the ears were the main complaints of this 52 year old; homeopathy helps him recover quickly and get back to his routine and healthy life.
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52 year old male complained of buzzing, ringing sounds that were loud enough to impair his hearing since 1 year. He also suffered from vertigo, during which the tinnitus was often worse. Moving his head would create a sense of imbalance and vertigo so he would keep himself as still as possible. He was a CEO of a multinational company but had to handover to others as he could not operate or work with his illness. He had to stay home as his lifestyle was affected. He liked to collect information and would read newspapers the whole day. He was given Chininum Sulph after a thorough analysis of his history. After 3 months of continuous treatment, he was feeling quite better with the medicine. The attacks of tinnitus and vertigo had reduced a lot. 6 months, he was still improving, he was also able to move his head and he had been to a holiday destination without any attacks of tinnitus or vertigo.
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