Tinnitus due to otitis media treated successfully with Homeopathy and a surgery was prevented!
Homeopathy solved problems of tinnitus and recurrent infections of this young boy
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19 year old young boy had suffered from tinnitus since last 2 years because of his Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media. His main symptoms were continuous discharge from the right ear with pain and a sensation of fullness in the ear. He had a continuous ringing in the ear and there was some hearing loss too. Many antibiotics had been tried which did not help him after which he was advised tympanoplasty. He chose to start homeopathy with us in order to avoid surgery. After a careful analysis, he was prescribed Calc Phos. The medicine acted within 2weeks and the discharge had stopped totally. After 2-3 weeks, tinnitus was also under control. He continued medicines for almost 6-7 months after which he was completely alright and he did not experience tinnitus and hearing was normal.
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