• Eczema Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • 1 What are the side-effects of using creams and ointments for my Eczema on face?

    Most of the creams are steroid base. Steroid can be harmful if used for long period of time causing thinning of skin, stretch marks and acne. Natural way to get relief or Fast but harmful treatment? What will you prefer? When all the Hopes decrease...... Homeopathy begins! Homeopathic treatment in the comfort of your home/work place.

  • 2 Can Eczema be prevented?

    There is no absolute preventive measure. But adopting certain lifestyle can help you.

    • The importance of personal hygiene cannot be overstated. Maintaining a healthy body ensures healthy skin and a healthy life.
    • Physical exercises and Yoga enhance circulation, ease stress, maintain weight, improve immunity and raise the general bar of health.
    • Avoid stimulants and addictive substances like alcohol and tobacco consumption (either by smoking or chewing).
    • Eat a healthy, balanced diet rich in fresh, green, leafy vegetables and fresh fruits.
    • Use a simple non-medicated moisturizer if your skin is very dry. However, make sure that you do not overdo it. You will only end up making your skin greasy.

  • 3 Will stress increase my eczema?

    Yes. Emotional stress has been known to cause enhanced sensitivity and inflammatory skin changes. The exercises in yoga/pranayam help to relax the mind, improve circulation and enhance immunity.

  • 4 I am tired of taking many medicines and applying creams for my Eczema. It hasn't reduced my Eczema. It is same as before. What will happen if I stop taking any treatment?

    There are certain complications that you may develop if your Eczema is long standing. Few of the complications are:

    • Neurodermatitis: It is a condition where the skin becomes thick and leathery due to prolonged itching. This condition is also called as lichen simplex chronicus.
    • Impetigo: It is an infection of the skin that occurs because of invasion with a type of bacteria called Staphylococci.
    • Impetiginization: Skin can break up and cause open wounds leading to various infections.
    • Eczema around the eye can cause watering of the eye, inflammation of eyelids, and if ignored, even permanent damage to the eye
    • Psychological consequences: All said, your skin's health enhances your appearance and appeal. Eczema can mar one's confidence and morale, so much so that depression can set in.

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  • 5 Can my child having eczema live a normal life like other kids? Can he enjoy swimming or play cricket?

    Yes. Certainly! He can enjoy the activities but you need to take extra care of his skin. When he comes back from swimming, or playing cricket make sure that his skin is dry and clean. The chlorine in the water and sweat after playing can increase his eczema if the skin in unclean.

  • 6 Are there any tests to confirm the diagnosis of Eczema?

    Eczema diagnosis can be achieved by a combination of history taking and clinical examination by a qualified medical expert.

    • In remote, uncertain instances, your physician may advise a Skin Biopsy.
    • Patch tests can be done when an allergic basis is suspected. Here, certain known allergens are introduced on the skin to reveal which of them are the most likely cause/s of Eczema.
    • Serum IgE testing is done to find out if an allergy is the underlying cause of Eczema. It is a general test to determine a hypersensitive response and does not tell us the exact trigger.
    • Throat culture: The doctor may check for strep throat if he suspects guttate Eczema.
    • KOH test: This skin test is done to rule out a fungal infection.

  • 7 Can my children get Eczema because of me?

    Eczema is most likely found in individuals who have a family history of Eczema and even other allergic conditions like Asthma, Hay Fever, etc.

    However there is no certain evidence that a child of parents with Eczema is 100 % bound to get the disease. There are many other causes found by the researchers that lead to Eczema other than hereditary factor. You also should be aware that Eczema can't be passed by your touch as it is not a contagious disease.

  • 8 How will Homeopathy help me to relieve my Eczema?

    Homeopathy works towards balancing the susceptibility of the individual by prescribing a remedy which is most suitable to your constitution.

    We treat the patient taking all the symptoms in detail after investigating the whole case. Our homeopathic physician carefully analyses each case of Eczema, which is unique in itself, carefully considering the cause.

    For e.g.: if the eczema has precipitated because of obesity, the physician will not just treat the skin complaint, but will also give a remedy that deals with excess weight. Respect your Health, your Individuality; get back your Quality Health through Right Homeopathy by Starting Online Treatment.

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  • 9 Do I have to take a special diet that can control my Eczema?

    There's no evidence that certain foods will either improve or aggravate Eczema. However, it's important to eat a healthy diet, particularly when you have a chronic disease. A healthy diet includes eating a variety fruits and vegetables of all colors and whole grains.

    • Avoid foods you are allergic to.
    • Avoid dairy products, sugar, white flour, fried foods and processed foods.
    • Avoid the excess fat from meat ? buy lean and preferably organic.
    • Avoid sugar, gluten (wheat, barley, rye and oats) and raw eggs.
    • Avoid soft drinks.
    • Avoid eggs, fish, peanuts and soy.

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  • 10 How should I take care of skin with Eczema?


    • Non-medicated skin relaxants like petroleum jelly can be applied to soothe the itching and irritation. Applying them immediately after bathing on softly dried skin for better effect.
    • Do not use your bath soap excessively. Soap tends to dry the skin and can aggravate eczema.
    • Drink plenty of water. This will keep skin hydrated and help to combat the disease better.

  • 11 I am 20 year old male having Eczema since 6 months. Will it affect my lifestyle?

    No. Absolutely not! It is important for you to know that Eczema is not contagious disease. You can live a healthy social life without any fear of passing the disease to others.

    However, your skin's health enhances your appearance and appeal. Eczema can mar one's confidence and morale, so much so that depression can set in. You can beat such emotional distress to crop up by choosing best treatment.

    Conventional medicines can help you but can be burden on your pocket at the cost of your health by their side-effects.

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