• Eczema


What Is Eczema?

Summary of Eczema

It is a kind of inflammation of the skin which shows typical features of itching on skin.

The itching is associated with formation of patch and it may be either dry, or wet with oozing of watery or sticky fluid.

Eczema is also used synonymously with the term dermatitis. Click to read about Causes of Eczema.

Eczema can be acute or chronic and typically affects creases of arms, knees, wrist, face and hands.

What Happens In Eczema?

  • Dryness of skin
  • Recurrent skin rashes with itching usually more in the night
  • Swelling, inflammation, crusting, flaking or blistering of skin
  • Papules and vesicles may also be present

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What Can Eczema Lead To?

  • Lichenification: In chronic cases of eczema, the skin becomes thick, leathery and high-colored as a result of the constant irritation and itching.
  • Infections: Skin can break up and cause open wounds leading to the possibility of bacterial infections.
  • Eye Complications: Eczema around the eye can cause permanent damage to the cornea because of constant itching and inflammation of lids.
  • Exfoliative Eczema: This involves oozing and crusting all over the skin with fever, leading to toxicity and generalized water loss.
  • Other: Lack of proper sleep and psychological disturbances may occur because of the embarrassment and stress of appearance.

How Well Homeopathy Works In Eczema

Homeopathy, today, is the most effective treatment for Eczema. It works towards balancing the susceptibility of the individual by prescribing a remedy which is most suitable to his or her constitution.

We treat the patient taking all the symptoms in detail after investigating the whole case. We have many medicines in homeopathic treatment for Eczema. Some of them include:

  • Rhus toxicodendron: Very good remedy for Eczema with red, swollen, blister-like eruptions that itch intensely, and are relieved by hot application.
  • Mezereum: Eruptions which start with blisters followed by oozing and formation of thick crusts. Intense itching ameliorated by cold application. Skin is thickened due to scratching.
  • Thuja: Dry skin with brown, thick spots. Eruptions on scratching mainly on covered parts. Very sensitive to touch.
  • Apis Mellifica: Thick, rose-coloured rashes, can be felt as rough rashes under fingers. Aggravated by heat and skin is sensitive to touch.
  • Graphites: Eczema with thick sticky discharge, dirty looking skin, chilly patient with marked aversion to sweets.

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