• Adenoids Symptoms


Stuffy Nose

  • Nose always feel blocked due to excessive mucus secretion.
  • Breathing is laborous due to blocked nose and must breathe through the mouth.
  • Child speaks in a nasal intonation as if nose is pinched.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

  • Nose block causes air to move through an obstructed path and this causes snoring while sleeping.
  • Child may stop breathing for a few seconds during sleep due to this condition and therefore it causes sleep apnea.
  • This can result in drowsiness during the daytime. These are significant symptoms of enlarged Adenoids found in child.

Sore throat

  • Patient may experience pain and tenderness in the throat.
  • Adenoid infection may also flare up upper respiratory tract infections (URTI).
  • Throat becomes red and is very painful. These are chief symptoms of adenoids.

Troublesome swallowing

  • Child cries during meals because of painful throat.
  • Child avoids solid since it initiates more pain.

Swollen neck

  • Adenoid inflammation also flares up inflammation of surrounding structure leading to swelling of neck.

Ear Problems

  • Infection of ear is very common due to close proximity of adenoids and opening of Eustachian tubes in throat.
  • Earache and suppurative otitis media is common in symptoms of adenoids.

Sinus Symptoms

  • Blockage of nose leads to mucus logging and thereby multiplication of bacteria in mucus.
  • This causes infection of adjoining paranasal sinuses resulting in sinusitis. These symptoms are present along with symptoms of adenoids.