• Head Lice Symptoms

Symptoms of Head Lice

Common symptoms of head lice are-

  • Itching: The sense of itching felt in head lice is no ordinary itching. It is of the severest degree, where the child will literally get frustrated because of the sheer uncontrollable nature of the itch.
  • Ticklish sensation: The scalp, when not frankly itchy, will feel as if something is tickling it. The child has an acute sense of awareness of this feeling on the head and it can occur any time anywhere, many times causing intense discomfort and embarrassment.
  • Nits: The eggs/nits of lice lie on strands of hair and can be seen as white tiny dots on hair.
  • Eruptions: Red bumps and sores on the scalp after scratching.
  • Secondary infection: Many times, excessive scratching, especially with unwashed fingernails can introduce bacteria into the wounds causing infection.
  • Other effects: Constant itching leads to reduced concentration in studies or work and disturbed sleep.
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