Homeopathy Brings A 3 year-old Child out of Allergy
3 year-old Master A.C. had propensity to catch cold easily. Regular homeopathic treatment with us brought him out of the tendency and saved him from possible lifelong allergy.
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3 year-old Master A.C. was suffering from running nose and sneezing since 3 days. His mother, looking at the severity of sneezing, was worried and consulted us.

She informed us that her son was very sensitive to cold drinks (which he loved!) and cold air.

He would easily catch cold on exposure to these irritants getting profuse, watery nasal discharge with watering of his eyes.

His complaints were worse after he would take a bath in cold water and were better in hot weather.

Master A.C. was a quiet child who had a constant smile on his face when answering questions.

According to his mother, he was a loving, jovial child, who could get along well with everyone. He had great fondness for cars and loved playing with his toy car collection.

On evaluating the acuteness of his complaints, we decided to begin treatment with an acute remedy covering his immediate episode. The remedy Ammonium Carbonicum was prescribed in the 200th potency.

By the same evening, his mother reported back to us saying her son was already feeling better and his sneezing had reduced by 40%.

Within 2 days, the episode had completely cleared off.

However, to prevent the attacks from occurring again, we recommended a complete work-up about the life history of the patient and prescribed the constitutional remedy to the child.