Studious Girl Troubled By Recurrent Allergy Finds Relief With Homeopathy
22 year-old Miss. S was suffering since one year from a hypersensitive nose. Conventional treatments not working, she consulted us and experienced long-lasting relief with Homeopathy.
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A 22 year-old girl, Miss S. visited our clinic with complaints of frequent cold and running nose since the past 1 year.

She would get an episode every 2 months, each lasting for 7 days. Antibiotics would relieve her complaints for the time being until the next episode.

She was a student of Commerce and had a bright mind. But she felt so annoyed by her sneezing that she could not even carry out her daily activities.

This affected her studies tremendously and disturbed her, because she wanted to be a "model student" by getting great grades.

She loved being appreciated and praised and her hobbies included reading fiction.

Although she shared a cordial relationship with her parents and friends, she was known to be dominating and sometimes even overbearing.

We studied her case carefully after an evaluation of her complete life and complaint history, and prescribed the constitutional remedy Lycopodium 200th potency.

She followed up with us after a week saying was feeling better. Her current episode had resolved within 3 days instead of 7 days.

She continued with our treatment for 3 months, and was delighted to report that she hadn't suffered a single attack since then.