Occupationally Related Allergy Taken Care of By Homeopathy
A hassled fruit vendor consulted us for relief from his allergies. They were affecting his daily income. The correct homeopathic remedy brought his sensitivity within normality and he could resume his daily activities happily.
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A 33 year-old fruit vendor came to us complaining of allergy to dust and strong odours giving rise to frequent sneezing since 6 months.

Exposure to cold air and drinking cold water too, would incite an intensely runny nose and watering of eyes. He would get an attack once every 15 days and he was immensely perturbed by it.

He wanted to get rid of his complaints as soon as possible since it was becoming increasingly difficult to sell fruits because of the constant presence of dust in the market.

A conversation with him revealed him to be a relatively dull-witted man, slow in thinking and physical activities.

He had a very limited circle of friends and harboured a constant anxiety that something bad would happen to him.

On consideration of his behavior and frequency of his complaints, we prescribed the remedy Baryta Carbonica 200th potency. He was told to follow up after 15 days to assess his results.

He reported back saying that in the initial few hours after taking the medicine, his sneezing had worsened even though he hadn't come in contact with dust. After few hours, the sneezing came down on its own and he felt better.

He continued with our treatment for 1 year. Within the first month itself, he could resume his daily activities without feeling any discomfort and 3 months later, his hypersensitivity to dust and odours had come down.

The bonus was that his anxieties also started disappearing and his confidence level improved to a great degree.