Cases of Autism Cured with Homeopathy - Case 1
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In the words of the patient's mother:

Thank you Speciality Clinic and Dr. Shah for treating my child, he is so much better now. There has been a significant improvement in my son's behavior after starting Homeopathic treatment. I am also very happy with your support system and efficient Autism treatment, the distance has not hampered his medication in any way.

Male/ 8 years old

Diagnosis: Autism with Epileptic Seizures

8 year old Master S. M., was brought to the clinic by his parents- he had been diagnosed with Autism and Epileptic seizures.

Birth History: The child did not cry at birth (there was history of the umbilical cord being around his neck). He was given special care for 5 days. Initially the child was poor at feeding and was unable to suck; gradually he was weaned to bottle feeds. He appeared like a normal child after coming home from hospital, gained weight normally. There was a history of eczema on the forehead head and hands till one year of age and he was treated with some conventional medicines. Dentition diarrhea had also been persistent for some time.

The parents consulted us because he was experiencing lot of problems with communication. The complaints were as follows:

Inability to speak and marked frustration when he would not be able to speak

Screaming and making lot of noise

Sometimes he would speak out a few words like Mama, Pizza, Buy, Go, etc. but he was not able to understand the relation between the words and the activities.

Lot of confusion between the words and activities

Problems in socializing and creative playing

Not being able to eat when there were people were around him

Getting very disturbed if his routine was changed

Inability to interact with other children, as other children were not able to cope with his behavior.

Disliking any kind of change- all things had to be kept in a particular place only

Severe rigidity and fixity in his functionalities

Hyperactive in presence of many people- he would start doing negative things to seek attention like grabbing phone, or a remote control, pull people, and give unusual objects to both the adults who talk to each other

Throwing a tantrum and rolling on the ground when his way was not followed

He loved to go for walks, but he would not like to stop while doing so. If he would start walking in malls, he would keep on walking, not allowing his mother to stop and look at anything or buy anything.

After a detailed case-taking and evaluation of his condition, Can. Ind. 30 was prescribed. The child responded well within a week, became calmer, and his food habits improved. Over the next few weeks, his temperament kept getting better in the following ways:

The child became much calmer

Understanding got better

He looked quite relaxed

Sleep became normal

Started toilet training

Communication improved

Eye-sight became better

Confidence increased

Excessive irrelevant laughing gradually disappeared

Started wearing his shoes himself

His epileptic seizers got much lesser

His treatment was continued further till there was significant improvement in the overall health.

Note: It is advisable that the patient does not indulge in any kind of self-medication in Autism cases.

Conclusion: This is a challenging case of an 8 year old autistic child successfully treated with the help of homoeopathic treatment. The child became calmer with increased confidence level, improved communication skills with reduced epileptic seizures within a week after taking Cannabis indica 30.

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