• Autism


Autism is the general term used for Autism Spectrum Disorders, because Autism is not a singular disability. They are a range of complex conditions of the neurodevelopmental type, and consist of combinations of various symptoms in differing intensities and numbers.


The main areas of impairment in this spectrum include

  • Social Performance
  • Interpersonal Relationships,
  • Verbal and Non-verbal communication
  • Patterns of behaviour.

What Happens In Autism Spectrum Disorders?


  • Delayed mental and physical development
  • Social and interpersonal impairments
  • Defects in verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behavior
  • Dislike towards any change in routine or environment

What Can Autism Lead To?

  • Depression
  • Behavioural problems
  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Seizures
  • Problems related to sensitivity
  • Tuberous sclerosis

How Well Homeopathy Works In Autism

While no other system of therapeutics can make a significant difference in the autistic child or adult, Homeopathy shows immense promise. This is because the approach of Homeopathy towards the treatment of any disease, whether as simple as a common cold or as complex as Autism, has a holistic essence.

Instead of a "piecemeal" manner of treatment, Homeopathy considers the entire constitution, physical and mental attributes and qualities of the patient, and then prescribes the remedy most suited to the patient.

Also, the carefully chosen homeopathic remedy works at the deeper Psycho-neuro-endocrine as well as genetic level to bring about a positive change in the autistic individual.