Leading Film Distributor Finds Relief From Migraine With Us
A leading film distributor was suffering from migraine since 10 long years! He finally found relief with Welcome Cure's homeopathic treatment and regimen.
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A leading film distributor consulted us for his migraine of 10 years' standing. He recounted that his attacks had not changed at all over the years and were as severe as when they first began.

The headache would make him extremely sensitive to light and the slightest sound. Whenever he would get an attack, he would close all doors, shut all lights, take painkiller medicines and sleep continuously for 8-10 hours.

His pain was localized to the left side of the head, beginning from the eye and radiating to the back of the head.

Another very important peculiar symptom of the patient was that his headache was always worse when he was constipated.

Observation found him to be sturdily built with more than the normal amount of hair on his body.

His case was carefully analyzed and the remedy that was prescribed to him was Medorrhinum 30. Within a week, he reported back saying that he had had the most violent of headaches 2 days after the medicine was prescribed, that disappeared suddenly on its own within an hour.

A month after treatment was begun, the patient was feeling much relieved as his attacks had reduced considerably in both intensity and frequency. After 6 months of regular treatment, he reported saying that he had been symptom-free for more than one month.

It has been 2 years now, and the patient hasn't suffered from a single attack of migraine.

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