Recurrent case of sinusitis treated well with homeopathy
This is an excellent case of a young boy with recurrent attacks of sinusitis. His acute attack got settled within few days followed by constitutional medicines which reduced his recurrent tendency and treated him as a whole.
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A 22 yr old boy came with heaviness of head since last 4 days. He was also suffering from recurrent cold and cough with obstruction of nose. He used to get recurrence of such episodes twice a month lasting for a week. His complaints were more after exposure to dust, sun, travelling etc.

His discharge was whitish with lot of sneezing and better by warm drinks. His headache was better by pressure and thirst was increased for large quantities of cold water.

On analysis, we found that he is very emotional person who gets offended if anyone shouts at him or contradicts him. He would express his anger verbally and would cry in alone. He is very attached to his mom and would weep on seeing any emotional movies.

He has desire for salty spicy things and would be comfortable in cold weather.

After taking the whole case, we evaluated that to give him quick relief for his complaints an acute medicine is indicated.

Thus Arsenic album 30 was prescribed. Patient was called after 2 days; he was feeling 50 % better and was again analyzed after 3 days. He was much improved at that time and thus to prevent his recurrent episodes and boost up his immunity a constitutional medicines was prescribed.

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