• Callosities (Corns) Home Remedies

Home Remedies

In many situations, calluses and corns can be prevented by reducing or eliminating the circumstances that lead to increased pressure at specific points on the hands and feet.

  • Wearing well-fitting, comfortable shoes is very useful.
  • Another approach is to pad up the area subjected to excessive or constant pressure.
    • Cushions to put between the toes.
    • Foam or moleskin pads to put over the places where corns form.
    • Foam pads with holes in the center (like donuts or bagels), which redistribute pressure around the corn instead of right over it.
    • Wearing shoes or sandals with socks.
    • Cushioned insoles to pad up the feet and alleviate mechanical pressure.
  • For most individuals, work restrictions or accommodations are not necessary. In some cases, individuals with corns may need to avoid prolonged standing or walking until the condition resolves. If job requirements dictate a certain type of footwear, individuals with corns may benefit from reassignment to a position in which comfortable footwear can be worn.
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