• Callosities (Corns) Preventions


Calluses and corns can be prevented by reducing or eliminating the circumstances that lead to increased pressure at specific points on the hands and feet. Some of the preventive measures are:

Corns and Calluses Prevention
  • Always wear well-fitting and comfortable shoes. Avoid footwear that presses on the outside of the last toe, or which presses the last two toes together.
  • Pad up the area subjected to constant or excessive pressure.
    • Cushions between the toes.
    • Foam or soft pads over places where corns usually develop.
    • Cushioned insoles to pad up the feet and reduce mechanical pressure.
  • People with fragile skin or poor circulation in the feet (such as people with diabetes) should consult their doctor as soon as corns or calluses begin to develop.
  • For most individuals, work restrictions or accommodations are not necessary. In some cases, individuals with corns may need to avoid prolonged standing or walking until the condition resolves.
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