• Hives (Urticaria) Home Remedies

Home Remedies


  • Identification and avoidance of the triggering factor is the key.
  • Application of soothing agents like non-medicated petroleum jelly to alleviate the itching and burning.
  • Practice yoga and other relaxation techniques such as meditation to de-stress yourself and reduce the severity of your symptoms.
  • When washing or bathing, keep water contact as brief as possible and use less soap than usual. After bathing, apply lubricating cream on the skin while it is damp.


  • Avoid eggs, fish, peanuts and soy.
  • Avoid dairy products, sugar, white flour, fried foods and processed foods.
  • Avoid the excess fat from meat - buy lean and preferably organic.
  • Avoid sugar, gluten (wheat, barley, rye and oats) and raw eggs.
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