• Oral Herpes Symptoms

Quick Look
  • Raised red patches in small clusters inside or around mouth.
  • These later turn into fluid-filled blisters called as 'Cold Sores'.
  • 'Cold Sores' break open, merge with each other and form ulcers.
  • Pain, burning and tingling.

The incubation period is 3-7 days followed by constitutional symptoms such as high fever (102-104 degrees F), bodyache, headache, loss of appetite and weight loss as initial symptoms of oral herpes. Children exhibit excessive irritability and crankiness.

Oral Herpes Symptoms
  • Raised red patches that gradually get filled with fluid to form vesicles called cold sores on the lips or inside mouth.
  • Vesicles break open, join together and form painful ulcers.
  • Pain, burning and tingling at site of lesions are characteristic symptoms of oral herpes.
  • Enlargement of lymph nodes in neck.
  • Swollen and friable gums.
  • Ulceration with grayish thick exudate on tonsils and back of throat is characteristic feature amid symptoms of oral herpes.
  • Sore throat with difficulty in eating and drinking.
  • Excessive salivation with foul breath.
  • Finger infection called herpetic whitlow is one of the chief features amongst symptoms of oral herpes commonly seen in healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses, dentists etc.
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