• Allergies Preventions


Episodes of allergic reactions can be prevented by following ways-

  • Dust mites are easily found in pillows, mattresses, carpets. Hence regularly clean them.
  • Do not put wall to wall carpets in home if you have dust allergy since it can accumulate lots of dust in it.
  • Use vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter to clean your house.
  • Use damp mob to clean floors.
  • Use N95 mask if dust is not avoidable.
  • Keep allergic patient away from home for few hours while cleaning house.
  • Stay indoors when pollen count is higher outside especially mid morning and evening. Keep windows closed when wind is blowing at high speed.
  • Avoid hanging clothes outdoors since pollens can stick to them.
  • Wear protective sunglasses when you are outside.
  • For cockroaches, pest control can be done at frequent intervals.
  • Keep animals out of house especially bedroom.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after handling the animals.
  • If visiting any areas which are high in insects, take sufficient precautions or avoid visiting such areas.
  • If breast fed baby develop food allergy diet of the mother should be modified to prevent allergy in babies.
  • Avoid substances which trigger allergy in you.
  • Do not introduce solid foods very early in baby's diet.
  • Foods which are known to be allergic like soy, peanuts, sea foods, are better if introduced at least after your child has crossed 3 years of age to prevent allergic reaction.