• Behavioural Disorders Preventions

  • Talk to your child: Be vigilant of your child's behaviour and activities, since parents are usually first to notice any change in behaviour of their children. Encourage kids to think before reacting when they are frustrated. Teach them self-control, emotions control and problem solving skills. Educate your child about good behaviour and tell them gently what type of behaviour is expected from them
  • Effective Parenting: Show your unconditional love and acceptance to your child. Both parents should give enough time to child. Show genuine interest in your child's daily activities. Create a peaceful and lovable family environment at home. First follow the behaviour yourself you want your child to practice. Give unconditional support to your child. Set up reasonable disciplinary schedule or routine for child. Avoid conflicted and inconsistent home environment. Parents should never fight in front of kids. Never argue back with your kid. Teach your child values and benefits of leading a disciplinary life.
  • Early intervention: Seek early advice and treatment if, you feel your child is showing any behaviour which is aggressive when compared to other children of his age. Early treatment can prevent further distress and serious long term consequences.
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