• Behavioural Disorders Symptoms


Some common symptoms of Behavioural Disorder are-

behavioural disorders symptoms
  • Irritable, excessive angry, annoying behaviour
  • Difficulty in learning but not due to intellectual, sensory or health reasons
  • Inappropriate behaviour like bullying, threatening, provoking, cursing, fighting, insulting
  • Always blame others
  • Does not follow rules or obey others
  • Defiant behaviour
  • Does not listen to anyone including authoritative figure
  • Non cooperative
  • Throws frequent tantrums
  • Argues & bullies with others
  • Frequent lying
  • May steal, shoplift, hurt others, hurt animals
  • May destroy property, break into other's house, start unnecessary fight with people
  • Poor academic or work performances, despite full efforts
  • Hyperactivity, fidgeting, restlessness
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