• Diabetes Similar Conditions

Similar Conditions


  • Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas, an organ located in the abdominal cavity behind the stomach.
  • The pancreas normally secretes enzymes that help in digestion and the hormones insulin and glucagon, which help regulate blood sugar (glucose) levels.
  • When there is inflammation, the enzymes become overactive and disrupt the regulation of insulin causing increase in sugar level.
  • Pain in abdomen which radiates to back is a major symptom to diagnose pancreatitis.

Gestational diabetes

  • It is the onset of Diabetes during pregnancy.
  • When a woman is pregnant, the production of certain hormones is affected. These hormones can partly block the effect of insulin, causing increase in the amount of sugar in the blood. After delivery, this diabetic condition usually, but not always, resolves.

Diabetes Type 1

  • Earlier called insulin-dependent diabetes or juvenile-onset diabetes.
  • It destroys the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas hampering production of glucose.
  • Individuals with type 1 diabetes require daily doses of insulin via injection.
  • The majority of cases of type 1 diabetes are diagnosed during childhood or adolescence.