• Osteoarthritis Symptoms

osteoarthritis-symptoms symptoms
  • Joint Pain - Severe sharp and burning pain which increases with movement, temperature changes . Pain may even occur at rest.
  • Tenderness - Light pressure applied on joints lead to pain
  • Stiffness- First motion in the morning on waking up results in stiffness of joints. This also occurs after a period of rest like getting up from sitting position after long time.
  • Crepitus - Crepitus is the grating sensation in joints which is felt or heard.
  • Locking - Intense stiffness may lock the joints and may result in disability and intense pain. There is loss of flexibility.
  • Effusion - There is extra fluid filled in the joint leading to swelling/effusion. OA is commonest cause of joint effusion.
  • Disability - There is loss of joint flexibility. Stiffness, pain and restricted range of motion lead to disability and poor life quality.
  • Bunions - Swelling of the first joint of the toe.
  • Herberden's nodes - These are hard bony out growths closest to fingernails that is in the middle joints of fingers or toes..
  • Bouchard's nodes - Hard, bony outgrowths or gelatinous cysts on the middle joints of fingers or toes are formed called Bouchard's nodes.
    • Between Herberden's node and Bouchard's nodes the difference is Herberden's nodes are closest to finger while the latter is in middle joint of finger.
    • Some people notice these physical changes before they experience any pain.
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