• Osteoarthritis Complications


There are certain complications of Osteoarthritis in unmanaged and extreme cases. The most important complication is disability and poor life quality.

  • Gout- It is an inflammatory type of arthritis which is caused by high level of urates in blood. It leads to sodium urate crystal deposit in joints. With already OA present in body and high urate levels, gout is more likely to happen.
  • Chondrocalcinosis - OA promotes formation of calcium pyrophosphate crystals in joint cartilage. It leads to Chondrocalcinosis. It is also called pseudogout.
  • Baker's cyst - When extra fluid forms within the joint and it gets trapped in the joint as hernia and forms cyst it is known as baker’s cyst. They feel as lumps and are usually painless.
  • Osteonecrosis - It is termed as bone death. It may happen after blood supply to bone is hampered. It is rare complication of OA but dangerous.
  • Stress fractures - These are fine fractures within the joints resulting due to repeated injury or assault to joints.
  • Others- Apart from all these there can be bleeding inside the joint. Nerve can get compressed resulting in Pinched Nerves. Also infections can result within the joints.
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