• Sinusitis Treatment


The goals of treating Acute and Chronic Sinusitis is to:

  • Reduce sinus inflammation
  • Keep nasal passages draining
  • Eliminate the underlying cause
  • Reduce the number of sinusitis flare-ups

In conventional approaches, the following treatment for Sinusitis is recommended to reduce the severity of disease such as -

  • Saline nasal irrigation to spray into the nose to rinse nasal passages
  • Using oral and injected nasal corticosteroids to treat inflammation for severe Sinusitis
  • Using antibiotics if there is severe bacterial infection
  • In case of allergies contributing to Sinusitis taking allergy shots (immunotherapy) will help to reduce the body's reaction to specific allergens.
  • In cases that continue to resist treatment, endoscopic sinus surgery may be helpful in treatment for Sinusitis.

These treatments, though, do not guarantee long-lasting relief, simply because they are not proficient in handling the problem of recurrence.