• Tennis Elbow Home Remedies

Home Remedies


Do's and Don'ts of Tennis Elbow
  • Rest from activities that seem to cause the pain is very essential.
  • Ice applications, commercial cold packs, or frozen peas can be used to reduce the inflammation. Time limit should be 10-15 minutes of application every hour for severe cases, 3 times per day for mild cases.
  • Stretch your arm before, during, and after performing any repetitive arm activities.
  • Few short breaks help in faster and better healing. If you are working constantly on computers, experiment with chair height, mouse location, and keyboard position to get relief from pain.
  • Do not overexert yourself.


  • Avoid repetitive activities involving the elbow.
  • Don't sit in a slouched fashion to do your desk work.
  • Don't play games on your computer, laptop, mobile phone or video game while you are in pain. Allow your elbow to rest.