• Tennis Elbow Introduction

Introduction of Tennis Elbow

Did You Know?

Tennis elbow affects 1% to 3% of the population overall and as many as 50% of tennis players during their careers.

Do you experience difficulties in performing simple activities like holding something, for example a tea cup?

Has your grip loosened?

Are you experiencing intolerable pains in your elbow every time you use your hand?

Do you wonder why that simple handshake has become such a painful thing?

This is because you might be suffering from a condition called Tennis elbow. And no, it does not have to do anything with only playing tennis.

Tennis elbow is a painful condition affecting the muscles and tendons of the outer side of elbow and can affect anyone whose activities involve overuse of upper arm, forearm and hands. Left untreated, this can become chronic and excruciatingly painful.

But, do not worry. Homeopathy can bring relief from this agonizing condition and can even prevent it from advancing. Don't wait! Choose the right treatment NOW!