• Warts Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • 1 Is there any food I should eat/not eat if I have warts?

    You should follow certain nutrition to stay away from worsening of warts.

    • You can reduce the risk of acquiring HPV infections by up to half by eating carrots, broccoli, pumpkin and tomatoes.
    • Add little garlic to your diet as it has powerful antiviral properties.
    • Love tea? Have green tea regularly which is known to prevent spread of warts.

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  • 2 Is it true that certain people are more likely to suffer from warts than others?

    Yes, certain people are at risk to affect from warts. Those who have a habit of biting nails, if you walk barefoot on moist surfaces; Sharing razors, towels, and other personal items with infected person increases the chances of acquiring warts.

    To know if you are the one at risk, click on Risk Factors

  • 3 If I opt for conventional medications for my warts, will they go permanently?

    Conventional method of treatment will relieve your condition as long as you take them regularly. They won't help you to get rid of your warts. Some of the treatments are painful and expensive too without any surety of any recurrence.

    If you need a permanent cure that is cost effective and without undergoing any painful procedure, opt for Homeopathy. Homeopathy will put a permanent full stop to your warts and normally prevent its recurrence.

  • 4 I have heard warts go away without any treatment. What if they take long time to go? When should I visit a doctor?

    The following conditions may indicate that you visit a doctor:

    • If you are not sure whether the growth is a wart
    • Wart is growing and spreading to other parts of your body
    • Wart causes itching or is painful
    • Wart on your face or genital
    • If you are a diabetic and have warts

  • 5 What happens if I stop Homeopathic treatment for my warts?

    Recovery phase begins from the time Homeopathic medicine enters in your system. If you stop the treatment, there won't be any withdrawal symptoms. Your condition may get better or remain same but won't worsen. To ensure complete recovery, treatment should be taken under a well-trained Homeopathic physician and prevent the relapse of you disease.

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  • 6 My father is fifty years old and diabetic. He has warts on his sole. Can I use over-the-counter wart treatments? Are those safe to use?

    Do not use over-the-counter treatment for warts at home as he is diabetic. Visit a health care professional who will confirm the diagnosis and treat appropriately. You can injure the area without realizing that could cause loss of sensation in feet of a diabetic patient. Keep the blood glucose level in control and proper skin care.

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  • 7 My doctor has diagnosed me with warts. I have a five year old son. Can he be affected by warts too? Are warts contagious?

    Yes, warts are contagious. The virus that causes warts is passed from person to person by close physical contact or from a surface. The time period between when someone is exposed to the virus that causes warts and when a wart appears varies. Warts can grow very slowly and may take weeks or longer to develop.

    To prevent warts in your son teach him to wash his hands and skin regularly. If he has a cut or scratch, clean it thoroughly with soap and water. Make sure he wears waterproof sandals in case if he visits public pools.

  • 8 My doctor has advised for biopsy of warts. Is it really required?

    To be certain of the diagnosis the doctor needs to perform a skin biopsy. A biopsy is usually done if a skin growth is darker than the skin surrounding it, appears as an irregular patch on the skin, bleeds, or is large and growing rapidly.

  • 9 I am suffering from warts. What measures can I take to prevent warts from spreading?

    Stop the warts from spreading by:

    • Avoid biting your fingernails if there are warts near your fingernails as nibbling skin around fingernails opens the door for entry of the virus.
    • Don't use the same file or nail clipper or pumice stone on your warts as you use on healthy nails.
    • Don't use personal tools used by anyone else.
    • Avoid picking at warts as it may lead to spread of the virus. Cover the wart with an adhesive bandage to prevent picking.
    • Avoid brushing, combing, clipping or shaving in the areas that have warts.

  • 10 Does any form of surgical procedure help in the management of warts?

    Laser therapy is advised for the warts that are large and had no effect from any other therapies. However, it is quite expensive. The wound after the surgery might be painful. There are chances of contacting infection. Want a relief that is cost effective? Don't want a doctor that uses knife and thread to cure you, then opt for Homeopathy. Homeopathy will put a permanent full stop to your condition and prevent its recurrence.

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  • 11 What is the scope of homeopathic treatment in Warts?

    There are more than 150 excellent homeopathic medicines providing superior results for Warts and each remedy is carefully prescribed based on the characteristics of each individual. Have a look at some of our remedies and the uniqueness of our prescriptions! Click on Homeopathic Treatment

    Homeopathic approach is focused on addressing the root cause of the warts rather than just treating its symptoms. Homeopathic approach is preventive as well as curative. It will prevent the recurrence of warts, which most often occur if you opt for conventional medicines or surgery.

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