• Achalasia Cardia Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • 1 I am 37 years old and suffering from Achlasia Cardia. What are the lifestyle changes that I need to undergo?

    You need to follow certain lifestyles changes such as-

    • Have a soft or liquid diet which will make swallowing easier.
    • Always chew the food slowly while eating and avoid gulping down the food.
    • Keep 4 to 5 frequent small meals instead of having a heavy lunch or dinner as this helps in better digestion.
    • Drink almost 12-14 glasses of water daily.
    • Always have your food while sitting upright.
    • Avoid meals immediately before bedtime. Keep at least two hour gap between dinner and sleep.
    • Avoid lying down immediately after meals as this can cause acid reflux.
    • Avoid eating too much fried or spicy foods.
    • Avoid habits like smoking, drinking.
    • Do not indulge in habit of self-medication and avoid over the counter medications.

  • 2 I am 52 year old man and a chronic smoker. I am suffering from difficulty in swallowing with a lump like sensation in throat. Can I have a cure in homoeopathy for this?

    You may be suffering from a condition called achalasia cardia. Homoeopathy has excellent scope in managing conditions causing dysphagia. Achalasia cardia is mainly a motility disorder due to weakened muscle tone of the esophagus. Homoeopathic medicines act tremendously well in improving the overall musculature and providing good resilience with no relapses. Apart from medications, one needs to alter his way of living and modify his lifestyle by quitting smoking habits, changing the diet one eats etc.

  • 3 Can Achalasia cardia lead to cancer of esophagus if not treated?

    There is no scientific medical evidence suggesting a correlation between achalasia cardia and cancer of esophagus. Not all cases of achalasia worsen. Some improve well after treatment with no complications.

    However some cases of detected esophageal cancer patients have known to have motility disorders in past. Hence, it is always better to be aware and get symptoms treated when they are mild.

  • 4 I am a 40 year old man software programmer, suffering from recurrent acidity since 5 years. I also had trouble eating and swallowing. Recently I was diagnosed with Achalasia cardia? I don't want to undergo surgery. Can homoeopathy help me?

    Certainly. Recurrent acidity attacks and stomach discomfort act as co-morbidity in Achalasia cardia. Constant lodging of food in the esophagus can irritate and weaken the lower esophageal sphincter leading to swallowing difficulties. Homoeopathic medicines have amazing results in managing patients with difficulty in swallowing, pain after eating as well as the recurrent tendency to acidity and heart burn. Homoeopathy works at all levels preventing surgery and complications.

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  • 5 What kind of diet should I follow if I trouble swallowing and eating?

    Adopt a diet which is balanced and rich in nutrients to keep your body healthy. Choose a softer pureed diet like porridge, khichdi, soups, steamed broth with mashed vegetables etc. which will help in swallowing the food better without any discomfort. Avoid too much caffeine and beverages. Include more fluids in your diet in the form of juices.

  • 6 Are there any medicines in homoeopathy for swallowing difficulties?

    There are more than 50 homoeopathic remedies which have action on the esophagus and stomach. Remedies like Baptisia, Phosphorous, Kali carb, Ignatia have proven wonderful in treating patients who had trouble swallowing.

  • 7 How can homoeopathy help in Achalasia cardia?

    Homoeopathy being the most safest and reliable method of treatment today has wonderful results in treating cases of Achalasia cardia. Homoeopathic medicines work at a deeper level by improving the muscle tone of the esophagus and strengthening the lower esophageal sphincter. It also helps in alleviating the associated symptoms of swallowing, pain, heartburn and vomiting safely without any side effects or complications.

  • 8 Is Achalasia cardia a serious illness? What can happen if not treated?

    This condition can present from mild to severe according to the progress of the condition. Most symptoms are mild and manageable; however condition can lead to complications like aspiration pneumonia if food enters the lungs and can cause breathing difficulties. Such cases require immediate hospitalization.

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  • 9 Is Achalasia cardia a curable disease?

    Achalasia cardia being a neuromuscular disorder has no permanent cure but is well manageable with homoeopathy. Weakened musculature and loss of tone can be improved to a great extent with proper treatment.

  • 10 How do I know I have Achalasia cardia?

    The most common and early symptom one notices is difficulty in swallowing with pain. Patients suffering from Achalasia cardia will have the following symptoms.

    • Dysphagia - Difficulty in swallowing
    • Inability to swallow solids and liquids
    • Odynophagia - Pain while swallowing
    • Sensation of choking or something stuck in throat while eating.
    • Heart burn with heaviness in chest
    • Weight Loss of long duration

    Symptoms can be manifested in different patients differently. Homeopathy is thus a unique science which prescribes on the basis of individual manifestations of any medical condition. Homeopathy not only takes into account the common symptoms of achalasia cardia, it also considers the most characteristic physical and mental symptoms which helps in coming up with the most perfect and accurate medicines.

  • 11 What is Achalasia cardia?

    Achalasia cardia is a rare neuromuscular disorder of the esophagus due to incomplete relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter. It is not a very common illness and always presents with swallowing difficulties.