• Achalasia Cardia Symptoms

achalasia cardia symptoms
  • Dysphagia- This is the most common and early presentation of achalasia cardia. Patient often complains of having difficulty in swallowing, sensation of something stuck in throat immediately after eating.
  • Dysphagia can progress from inability to swallow solids as well as liquids in later stages.
  • Odynophagia- Patient experiences pain as well as difficulty while swallowing. This is striking feature along with Dysphagia in symptoms of Achalasia Cardia.
  • Chest pain and heart burn- is possible with heavy feeling in chest and discomfort after meals. This is known to mimic angina suggesting a heart ailment.
  • Acid Reflux- Some of the food is brought back to the mouth - (regurgitation) which causes bad taste in mouth especially at night. This is observed in 80 % of patients.
  • Weight loss and Malnutrition- is a prominent feature in symptoms of Achalasia Cardia observed in later stages of the disease mainly due to inability to eat.
  • Nocturnal cough and choking occasionally- may be noted in cases of regurgitated food at night. This is peculiar feature in symptoms of Achalasia Cardia.
  • Hiccups and Burping- is observed in about 10 % of cases.
  • Sudden breathlessness, choking- can occur in acute stages if food has aspirated into the lungs.