• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is primarily based on relieving/managing the most distressing or disruptive symptoms such as:

  • Sleep Problems: Sleep medications can be prescribed in treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to help get better sleep at night.
  • Pain: Medications to control the pain if it is severe or hampering routine activities.
  • Depression and anxiety: Anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications are prescribed to treat the associated depression or anxiety wherever required.
  • Dizziness and light-headedness: Prescription medications may be given in treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome if the symptoms are severe.
  • An optimal exercise regime can be developed which is neither too stressful nor too easy for the patient. However, care must be taken to avoid extremes.
  • Professional counseling is also very helpful to accept the problem and find ways to work around the limitations imposed by the CFS.
  • Lifestyle changes such as taking steps to reduce emotional stress, practicing relaxation techniques, improving sleep habits, and pacing activities as per the level of distress, all help in treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

If you notice the above list and go by the conventional medicines you need medicine for each symptom, you will be taking a minimum of 4 different tablets every single day! And you may also have to bear the extra burden of their individual side effects.

Homeopathy believes in gentle cure through the use of natural medicines that have been so attenuated as to avoid any side effects and yet, bring about a positive change in your health!