• Common Cold Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition
 Diet and Nutrition of Common-Cold
  • In case of profuse watery nasal discharge, fluid intake should be increased.
  • You can add a pinch of turmeric and ginger powder to warm water before consuming it.
  • Consume juices especially of citrus fruits as they have high vitamin C content - lemon, orange, sweet lime, etc.
  • Consume hot soups, especially chicken soup.
  • Increase intake of vitamin A in your diet. All yellow fruits and vegetables contain Vitamin A, although liver and fish are considered the richest sources.
  • Boil a mixture of Bishop's weed (Ajwain), tea leaves and water and inhale it to decongest the nose block due to cold.
  • Immunity can be increased by drinking boiled mixture of - ½ cup water, little ginger, 2-3 leaves of sweet basil (tulsi) and mint leaves.