• Crohn's Disease Introduction


Do you get abdominal pain along with frequent bloody diarrhea? Do you get fever with abdominal pain? Then, you might be suffering from Crohn's Disease.

crohns disease introduction

Living with Crohn's Disease can get agonizing for many patients and their whole world seems to revolve just around the stomach. It can possibly hamper the quality of life, compromise independence, and may limit the potential.

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Crohn's Disease is chronic inflammatory bowel disease. Causes of this disease are not clearly known.

It is predominantly seen in age group of 15 to 30 years, smokers, and people having family history of Crohn's.

Lack of treatment will lead to complications such as perforation, mal-absorption, intestinal obstruction, intestinal bleeding, fistulae and abscesses.

Homeopathy has good scope in treatment of Crohn's Disease. It helps in giving long term relief in the symptoms and preventing the complications of Crohn's Disease if the treatment is taken on time.

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