• Diaper Dermatitis Definition


Diaper Dermatitis is defined as inflammatory reactions, characterized by rashes in the area which comes under the contact of diaper or napkin, due to any cause. It is a form of irritant contact dermatitis.

Though, the name indicates that diaper is the cause, but in most cases the faeces and urine trapped in diaper is responsible. It is one of the most common skin eruptions, among the infants and toddlers, worldwide. Diaper dermatitis can be diaper associated or non diaper associated.

Location of Diaper Dermatitis-

  • Diaper area (skin of baby's bottom, upper area of thighs and genitalia)
  • Convex surface of baby's bottom is affected with skin folds spared
  • If secondary infection is present, it may involve skin folds of buttock too

Certain people with weak immunity and predisposition to Diaper Dermatitis are more likely to get it. Hence it requires a constitutional approach.

Homeopathy promises wonderful relief in the form of potentized remedies that manage DIAPER DERMATITIS and remove its trouble right from the root.

What's more? All of this at no compromise to other systems of your body, assuring a holistic recovery and a healthier life.