• Diaper Dermatitis Introduction


Skin is the largest organ of human body. Skin is first line of defence system of human body. It forms a barrier and protects internal organs from external foreign bodies including bacteria, viruses, fungus.

The outermost layer of skin is called as stratum corneum. This layer contains dead cells called as Keratonicytes which are interlaced with lipids. This layer forms a barrier which is protective in nature. This layer protects skin from injury, water loss, and penetration of skin by infectious organisms.

In Diaper Dermatitis, this layer gets damaged. This layer is very thin in babies and hence more prone to be damaged easily. In Diaper Dermatitis, following things occur-

diaper dermatitis introduction
  • Irritation to skin (by urine/ feces/ chemicals) causes over hydration & softening of skin
  • Breakdown of outermost layer of skin (stratum corneum) due to skin irritation and frictional damage of skin.
  • Damage to keratinocytes which are interlaced with lipids (secreted by stratum granulosum)
  • This causes damage to Waterproof layer of skin (waterproof barrier)

Diaper Dermatitis affects babies mostly of 3 months to 1.5 years of age. Wet diaper easily softens and damages the outer protective layer of skin, which is damaged by acidic pH of urine. Ammonia in urine & stool cause further irritation and skin reacts in response, causing inflammation; resulting in diaper dermatitis.

introduction of diaper dermatitis

Homeopathic Treatment for Diaper Dermatitis and lifestyle adjustments can help you reduce or manage the signs and symptoms of Diaper Dermatitis.