• Diaper Dermatitis Risk Factors

Risk Factors
  • diaper dermatitis risk factors
    The stools in breastfed infants contain less urease-producing bacteria which cause infection than bottle fed infants. Hence bottle fed babies are at higher risk of developing Diaper Dermatitis compare to breastfed babies.
  • Antibiotics treatment either to baby directly or to nursing mother may affect baby's stool altering the normal intestinal flora. This increases the risk of diaper dermatitis.
  • Babies suffering from frequent loose stools (diarrhoea) are at higher risk.
  • Random use of frequent new products like different brands of diaper, detergents, fabrics, baby soaps, baby wipes, powders, lotions may cause irritation to skin.
  • Babies with sensitive skin or pre existing skin disease are at higher risk.
  • Change in baby's diet (when they start to eat solids) may alter their stool, which may cause rashes.
  • Change in nursing mother's diet in breast fed babies may increase the chance of rashes in sensitive babies.
  • Risk is also higher in babies who have previous medical history of skin diseases like eczema.
  • Risk of Diaper dermatitis is higher in immune compromised patients.