• Ganglion Cyst Categorization

Category Diseases of musculoskeletal system
System Muscular System
Organ Tendons
Alternate Names /Common Names Ganglia (plural), synovial cyst, myxoid cyst, Gideon’s disease, Bible cyst, Bible bump, Mucous cyst, Mucinous cyst, Synovial Cyst, Baker’s cyst
Names in different languages
  • 'Nadigranthi' in Hindi,
  • 'Kruti' in Marathi,
  • 'Ganglio' in Spanish
ICD 10 Classification M67
World statistics Nearly 60% of the benign hand tumors are Ganglion. It is seen worldwide and is common in both males & females. Though women of 20-40 years age are more likely to get it.
Indian statistics Not known exactly
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