• Ganglion Cyst Treatment

  • Many Ganglia may get resolved themselves. If they are painless, and not causing any physical or cosmetic problem; wait & watch policy can be applied.
  • Painful, visually unappealing cyst, or those Ganglia which are restricting joint movements, treatment in conventional mode includes medications & surgery.
  • Pain killers are used to control pain. Splint or wrist brace are also used for immobilization which can decrease the size of the Ganglion.
  • Exercises are recommended to improve joint mobility & reduce pain.
  • Aspiration of the cyst content is done with fine needle but recurrence rate is higher. Thereafter corticosteroids are injected into the cyst.
  • Surgery is done to remove the cyst along with adjoining joint capsule. But even after surgery the recurrence is common. Arthroscopic surgery is done with the help of a camera that is inserted in the area.
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