• Ganglion Cyst Complications

  • Cosmetically unattractive: This is the prime complication of ganglion especially if present on visible body part may look ugly.
  • Restriction of joint mobility: Ganglion may put pressure on nerve causing limitation of joint movement.
  • Pain: Ganglion may put pressure on nerve causing severe pain.
  • Stiffness: Ganglion may cause pain on moving joint, as a result patient may avoid joint movement. Prolonged immobilization of joint may cause stiffness.
  • Recurrence: Recurrence rate is quite high especially if aspiration is used. While surgical excision also may lead to recurrence in high number of cases.
  • Scar formation: It is usually common after surgery.
  • Infection: Rarely the fluid inside the Ganglion may get infected and cause severe bone infections.
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