• Glaucoma Risk Factors

Risk Factors

Important risk factors for Glaucoma are-

  • Hereditary- Positive family history is strong risk for Glaucoma.
  • Race- Glaucoma is more common in Africans, Americans, Irish, Russians, and Japanese.
  • Age- Though Glaucoma can affect at any age but it is more common after 40 years.
  • Low vision- People with poor vision are more likely to be affected with Glaucoma. People with near sightedness or myopia are also at higher risk. People with farsightedness can also get angle closure Glaucoma.
  • Medications- Certain medicines like steroids can cause secondary Glaucoma.
  • Systemic diseases- Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease increases the chances of glaucoma.
  • Others- Trauma to the eyes , Ocular vein occlusion, trauma to eyes and uveitis are other common risk factors.