• Lichen Planus Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms
  • Bullae : A blister which has fluid in it.
  • Vesicle : A sac containing fluid.
  • Atrophy : Degeneration of cells
  • Macules : Discolouration of area of skin
  • Papules : a small pimple or swelling on the skin, often forming part of a rash.
  • Cutaneous : A word related to skin
  • Stenosis : Abnormal narrowing of any passage
  • Eczema - A skin disease characterized by rough, dry inflamed skin with blisters and intense itching.
  • Ulcer - An open sore which is not healed.
  • Vulva - A part of female reproductive system, opening of vagina.
  • Scrotum - A male reproductive part which contains testes.
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